Friday, September 26, 2014

New !!!! Airtel Free 3G/2G Internet With Pc Handler 100% working September 2014 !!!!!

Here Is New Pc Handler Trick Based On Real Host.
The Steps of this Trick is lot hard,

you need you see Every Steps Properly. Currently it is working Almost All over India.

Features of New Airtel 3G Trick
* for unlimited days (like realhost)
* Surf and Download Unlimited on PC
* No Balance Deduction
* Working in ANY balance.
* Facebook, and Youtube sometimes doesn’t open
* Tricks is Based on Pc Handler.
* High Speed trick
* Will work 3G and 2G Both
* Only for PC

Steps to Connect with Airtel 3G Trick for PC
You need to have PC Handler for using This Trick, also Opera Browser for PC is needed to take fully benefit of this Airtel 3G Trick
Steps: This Airtel Trick is based on a software called proxomitron.

Download Proxomitron Software
click here too download

Step 1: After you Downloaded the above Software, the File contains Softwares and Config both. -

Now Extract it, Open the File Named “default.cfg” with notepad.

In Notepad you will Find “yourhostputithere” and replace it with your Working Free real Host of your State.

Save The Notepad File, If you don’t know The Hosts, or Real Host of your State, then download the Config file which will suite for south users such as Kerala Karnataka etc. others try this 1st, if it is not worked do the above procedure)

Download Config File

click here to download

Step 3: Now in the Program menu of app, go to file - load config file and select the file named default.cfg or the Above dowloaded config file, in the proxomitron folder in programs file where u installed

Step 4: This Free Airtel 3G Trick will only Work in Opera Browser in PC. If you don’t have opera for PC, Then Download Opera Browser for computer click here to download

When you have installed Opera, you need to Click on Opera Turbo.

Step 5: Now Change Opera Proxy server as (also Enter Proxy Settings in IDM)

Go to: Opera - Settings - preferences -Advance tab - Network - Proxy Server - Use Manual - Tick on HTTP Now Enter the Below Proxy and Port and tick on “use Proxy for All” and Save the Settings.

proxy =

port =8080

Step 6: Open proxomitron, Connect with it and Minimize it to Tray, Now Open Opera Browser and Enter Any Website which you want to Visit.

That’s All. Enjoy.