Saturday, November 19, 2011

SMS spoofing Trick - send Fake SMS (Mithhacks)

Hello Readers, In this post I will show a simple trick of how to perform SMS spoofing. 
This Good technique to do SMS spoofing. But  the following trick which I am going to explain, is  really  simple way to perform sms Spoofing.
Advantage is that you can send sms from any Number
1.     Visit the site
2.     Register at the site
3.     Login with your Registrated Account.
4.     Select  the option Send SMS to Number in the left panel.
5.     In the send to field, give recipient /Victim number.
6.     In the Send From Field, delete the existing number, and put the number that you want to be shown in the receivers mobile.
7.     Select sender id radio button.
8.     Type the message and send. That’s it.
With respect to sms global site, we can’t call it as a vulnerability, but for some marketing reason they have enabled it. Use it wisely. Also remember that you can send only 25 sms with a single account.
Disclaimer: This post is completely for educational purposes. Don’t Use for criminal activities. SMS spoofing is one of the highly rated crimes. We are not responsible for any crimes caused.