Saturday, September 10, 2011

Prov And Java Proxy Gprs Settings Maker For Nokia S40 Mobiles

Prov And Java Proxy Gprs Settings Maker For Nokia S40 Mobiles |

Its very hard job to make a new gprs proxy setting profile to browser internet in every Nokia S40 phone and its very annoying when trying to create a proxy settings for any purpose like free browsing or anything else. The solution is to get automatic settings from operator or simply create a gprs proxy setting profile also known as provision file or .prov. So here I'm providing some online tool to create free .prov files after many user requested to give a solution for this.

Here you get the free tools for the Nokia S40 Prov File Maker online as well as downloadable tool which make it very easy to generate PROV files in seconds for any given user settings. You simply enter your details for proxy, access point name, IP address and the port and the tool will create a .prov file ready to use in any Nokia S40 phone. Theses tools works for any operator and for any user in the World.

Steps to Use Nokia S40 Prov File Maker :
First go to the link provided below
Fill the details as needed like You need to enter only what you need
Finally Enter details as your needs ( For example )
Name (any name for profile like BSNL Live or Reliance Net)
Proxy IP Address
Proxy Port Number
Proxy Access Point Name (APN)
Internet Homepage
Now click on "Generate PROV" to get your the prov file and just download it
How to Use the PROV File in My Phone
Send this .prov file through Bluetooth to a nokia S40 phone
If you donot have bluetooth in your pc then just send .prov file to another mobile via data cable and then from that mobile get to your main mobile via bluetooth
You will receive message like "New Configuration Settings Received "
Save the settings in the phone to use
Now go to your settings and configuration and make this setting as default
Also activate as default settings in all applications

Online Tools to Create prov Files
Simple .Prov Creater
Advance .Prov Creater