Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hi! Guys I am here with USB Disk Security 5 Program working principle. I will tell you what does this Best antivirus does to remove virus our to protect the PC from viruses.


Currently, USB storage is a common source of infection with potentially dangerous content, and 
malicious programs propagate so quickly that antivirus companies have to release updates as 
quickly as possible to minimize the amount of time that users will potentially be at risk. Unfortunately, many antivirus companies are unable to do this - users often receive updates once they are already infected. Our new technology blocks threats based on proactive protection and our solution can protect your computer against all threats trying to attack your computer via USB drive, no matter malicious programs are known or unknown. 


USBShield monitors in real time and protects your computer against all threats that can take over your computer via USB drive. It blocks threats based on innovative proactive technology and requires no signature updates at all.   USBScan USBScan uses heuristic analyzer to scan USB drive and checks for potential malicious behavior. Heuristic methods eliminates false positives and significantly increases detection rates for new and unknown malicious programs. Files detected as suspicious are potentially unsafe. 


MemoryShield can analyze, conclude and summarize the rules of virus behavior, furthermore, integrated with the experiences of defining the virus by the antivirus experts. It monitors memory of all executed applications in real time, and blocks malicious programs. 
  Suspect malware can be safely locked away in the quarantine. Here the malware is stored in an encrypted format so that it cannot function nor do any harm to your computer.

Very often, several malicious programs change registry and stay in the temporary internet directory. RepairSystem can restore malicious changes on your computer and delete unnecessary files and malicious programs that stay in the temporary internet directory.  Autostart Most of the malicious programs add themselves automatically to the start-up registry entry. Autostart shows a list of applications that are executed during Windows system start-up. You can disable Autostart of the malicious program.

  Disable/Enable AUTORUN of USB drive                 

  • Disable AUTORUN of USB:     Disable AUTORUN of USB drive and create directories named AUTORUN.INF on your hard drives and USB drives.
  • Enable AUTORUN of USB:        Enable AUTORUN of USB drive and delete directories AUTORUN.INF on your hard drives and USB drives.

You can download this antivirus for your PC protection from Usb viruses here