Friday, June 24, 2011

Hack Facebook Accounts - Download UD Remote Keylogger New Version

What is the Difference in FUD and UD Keylogger ?
hack facebook accounts

As the name indicates that FUD Keylogger is fully undetectable keylogger from any antivirus in the world. And UD Keylogger mean its only undetectable keylogger and though few antivirus can catch it as virus.

Hack Facebook Accounts - Download Remote Keylogger

Here I am going to present a New Remote Keylogger which has the power to hack facebook accountsand to record all the key strokes typed.

hack facebook accounts

Features Of New UD Remote Keylogger :

  • UD - 3/33
  • You Can Use Gmail Account to get the logs
  • Add To Start Up also included
  • It also Kills Task Manager
  • Automatically Hides the virus after infecting the victim
  • Also Disables Registry Editing
  • Stops victim From Ending Your Keylogger's Process
  • New Icon Changer
  • File Binder
  • With Fake Error Message
  • Includes Time Interval

How To Use This Remote Keylogger for Hacking Of Facebook Accounts

Download The Remote UD Keylogger and extract the folder to desktop
- Open the Remote keylogger and enter new created Gmail account username and password
- Select the other settings as you need and donot forget to change Time Interval to 2 min
- If you want then use Icon changer, File Binder, etc and then click on Build Server
- Now upload this keylogger to file sharing sites like ,
- Now send Server to victim by any mean and when he/she will click on server, he will be hacked
- Now you will get the victim typed keystroke which also includes Hack Facebook Account Password
- You can hack any account by this Remote Keylogger

So you are done, I am sure that you will enjoy this Remote Keylogger and if you have any problem then please do comment and share your problem. I am always ready to help you all.