Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is the safest way to back up my computer?

Computer back up is done due to two reasons. The main purpose is to recover data in the event of it been lost, deleted or corrupted. Data loss can be a common problem because more than 50% of users can experience a data loss at any time. The other reason to backup is to save data for later reference which also known as archiving. Most importantly backup serves as a part of recovery management plan for the computer system, which means that backup is initially done to recover the system to its fully functional level after being affected by a loss of data or a system malfunction which replaces or generates unwanted data..................

Starting from the documents backup can be created for files of any kind which allows to be duplicated or you can use administrator privileges to backup sensitive data and keep them password protected or encrypted. Backups can be created from office documents to your personal music, video and picture folders. Computer backup is very common now and is very simple and automated too. So that anyone can use it anytime they want. Getting use to the backup process is very important if the user needs to create backups of their computer system constantly. There are applications available which run system backup automatically when it is first scheduled by the user. You can choose the files you need to backup considering the additional space available for backup. The main reason people do not backup is that they do not know where to start or which tools should be used to backup. But once you get used to, it is a very easy process. You may need help for the first time but many tools can be automated to take backups now which save the additional effort you have to put in to keep backups for your computer.
The most common way of backing up is by using an external hard drive. It also includes software which easily duplicates files. Many external drives come with a one click automated backup solution which is easy to use and safe though you might have to spend some money to purchase one.
There are 
online backup solutions available nowadays and they are becoming very popular some of them are for free. Very good solution to backup less amount of important data and considered to be safe. Or you can spend a little bit of money to get more storage space which costs very much less than an external hard drive. Using the online storage space is safer because it will keep your data safe even if your household or office faces any natural disaster and all your external drives and computer are sabotaged.
Some of the operating system available today offers built-in 
backup applications which automatically backup your data. Windows users can use Windows backup and Mac users can use Time machine application to backup any amount of data. Cheapest ways getting backupstorage is buying a USB flash drive or DVD's/CD's. Though they are cheap they can be messy when it comes to organizing your backup storage because the user will have to manually organize and categorize the data.
The safest way may not be the cheapest one. But if your data is very sensitive and should not be intercepted it is better to pay off a little extra money and purchase an external drive or a network attached storage which has a bit more complicated setup process rather than copying files to a CD or an USB drive. If the amount of data is less and the data is not sensitive you can always go for online options which come free or with a very little fee and you can sync all your data.
Setting up the very first backup could be a little complicated if you are not very much familiar with the structure of your computer file storage. If you want to get the backup process up and running for the very first time without too much hazard you can always get online technical support. There are trusted techies available around the clock who will be keen to help you with the backup process and automate it for your future preferences. If you have experience in backing up computers it's just matter of choosing the best backup plan for you PC and getting started. But online techies can make this whole process easier by selecting the best plan for you considering your resources and the amount you are willing to spend on backup plan and most importantly your safety of your data.


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